My name is Marelize Swanepoel and it is my pleasure to welcome you to my website. 

As a mother of two children, I can identify with the concerns parents have about the safety of their children, especially around the swimming pool. After having experienced the benefits of the ISR Programme myself, and in particular the peace of mind that it offers to parents, I can recommend it without any reservation. 

Having done thorough research on the different methods that traditional swimming schools in my area follow, I felt the most comfortable with the ISR approach for my own 12 month old baby. The main reason for my decision was that ISR (Infant Swimming Resource), a USA based company, focuses purely on drowning prevention as no floating devices are being used to assist the child in the water. When an accident happens it is more than likely that the child will be fully clothed, without any floating device to prevent a tragedy. 

When registering for the programme, each child’s medical history will be assessed by registered USA based Nurses and Paediatricians. Individual lessons will be adapted as deemed necessary by them. An important consideration for me was the fact that ISR follows the stringent guidelines set out by the AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics). This provided me with additional comfort around the safety of the programme. I was very excited about the way in which my baby responded to the lessons. After completing the programme, he was fully equipped with the necessary skills to save his own life by rolling back, float and breathe until help arrives.

After experiencing the outcome, I decided to personally undergo the intensive training which was offered in the beautiful Yucatan province in Mexico. I successfully completed the programme and I am now a Certified International Instructor. The high standard of their training, as well as the strong ethical principles it is based on, fills me with pride to be associated with ISR. It is my privilege to offer my skills as an Instructor, to parents and children. I can with confidence assist you to provide your child with water safety skills, by reaching your child before he or she reaches the water!